Terms and most important provisions

General provisions:

1. The Regulations contain provisions for car rental in Lending conducted by Agnieszka Ciapka Service, based in Gdansk. Mate 13 hereinafter referred to as part of the agreement the Lessor.
2. The tenant may be a person who on the date of signing of the lease is 21 years old and have valid at least one year driving license for category B.
3. Terms and price list are an integral part of the lease agreement.

Terms of the lease:
1. The tenant may be a person who on the date of signing of the lease is 21 years old and possess a valid identity document and valid for at least one year driving license for category B. If the contract provides otherwise the person signing the contract is also the only person authorized to drive the vehicle which is the subject of the lease. Specifications second driver should be listed on the rental agreement. Tenant shall not, without the consent of the Lessor lend the object of lease to third parties. In the event of an accident or collision, which occurred while driving by an unauthorized person, the liability of damage suffered by the Lessor responsibility for the tenant.

2. The Lessee is obliged to use the leased premises for its intended purpose. In particular, it is forbidden: crossing the permissible load, carry more passengers than indicated in the registration, towing other vehicles, the vehicle was used for sports purposes without the consent of the Lessor transporting any animal, smoking inside the vehicle, make any modifications and repairs.

3. The Lessee is responsible for basic vehicle maintenance (checking the oil level, coolant, state external lighting), vehicle maintenance in the proper cleanliness and protection against theft (locking the car, do not leave the windows open, parking in secure locations).

4. In the event of breakdown, accident or loss of the vehicle immediately about this fact, notify the landlord. If there was an accident, collision or loss of the vehicle, you should immediately notify the police and secure the vehicle. In the case where the collision occurred due to the fault of another participant of traffic, you must obtain a police statement about the guilt of the perpetrator.

5. Hire will endeavor to remove as soon as the failure or replace the vehicle. Rent takes responsibility only for direct costs of removing failure.

6. Unless the contract provides otherwise the landlord introduces daily limit of kilometers amounting to 300 km. In case of exceeding the limit will be charged in accordance with the applicable price list.

7. Check the rented vehicle outside the borders of the Republic of Polish requires the written consent of the Lessor and may require an additional charge current price list. Departure rented car to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania and the countries of the former Yugoslavia is prohibited.

8. The landlord seems Renter with a full tank of fuel. Refueling tank should be full upon returning the vehicle.

9. Hire reserves the right to deliver car-like as ordered - the same or higher class - while maintaining the previously agreed price.

10. The Lessor shall not be liable for the failure of the vehicle, if the causes that do not lie on the side of the Lessor. Landlord Liability is limited to the lease.

11. The landlord has the right to withdraw from the agreement without giving reasons.

12. The renter gets when the contract refundable deposit, provides protection against any damage to the vehicle during the life of him by the Lessee. The deposit is returned in full or after deducting applicable fees upon returning the vehicle. The landlord has the right to assert claims arising from the regulations, even if they exceed the amount of the deposit.

13. After the end of the rental period specified on the contract the lessee is obliged to return the vehicle at the time and place agreed in the contract. Lease extension is possible after obtaining the consent of the Lessor. Intention to renew the agreement should be submitted min 12 hours before the date of repayment. Return of the set in the agreement without the consent of the lessor result in the calculation of liquidated damages.

14. No notification of the intention to renew the contract and failure to return a vehicle within 12 hours from the deadline contained in the agreement, will be considered as misappropriation of the vehicle and will be reported to the Police.

15. For all promotions announced by the Lessor subject to special rules defining the conditions for promotion.

The Renter

1. All cars rented accommodation have valid insurance AC, OC and Asisstance.

2. If the contract or regulations provide otherwise, the Lessee is responsible for damage to the vehicle up to the amount of the deposit. Responsibility applies to both mechanical damage, sheet metal and removing dirt inside and outside the vehicle.

3. The tenant is responsible for the full amount of damages for defects in the equipment of the vehicle caused during the rental period, as well as for damages caused by improper use or negligence and damage not covered by insurance (damage to the tires, mirrors, headlights cracks, windows, paint damage, tanking improper fuel, etc.).

4. The tenant is responsible for any damage caused by his fault, and for which the landlord does not receive compensation from the insurer, despite exercising due diligence.

5. The Lessee is obliged to cover all damage caused by driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs and drug-driving or impossible without a valid license.

6. The Lessee shall be fully responsible for any damages or loss of value of the vehicle caused by events if the cause of the event was caused by the Lessee, person driving the vehicle or a passenger.

7. The tenant is responsible for damages caused while driving by a person authorized by the Lessor.

8. The tenant is responsible for the damage caused in the results of vehicle theft, in case if it is not able to deliver the keys of the vehicle or the registration card.

Fees and penalties

1. All rental prices given in the price lists show the total cost of rental vehicles and are taken in advance at the time of the vehicle.

2. The Lessor charges at the time of signing the contract refundable deposit, provides protection against any damage to the vehicle during the life of him by the Lessee. The amount of the deposit depends on the model of the rented car.

3. The landlord has offered additional options for equipment and services:
- Permission to go abroad RP - 50,00 zł
- child seat
- Another driver - 10,00 zł / day
- A package of unlimited mileage - 20 zł / day
In case of exceeding the daily limit of kilometers we charge - 0,30 zł / km

4. The Lessor will charge penalties in the following cases
- Lost keys, vehicle documents or license plates - 700.00 zł
- Return does not cleaned or not washed car - 50,00 zł
- Damaging or soiling the upholstery - the actual cost of repair at an authorized service
- Replacements of the vehicle or its equipment - twice the changelings part or
equipment according to current prices authorized service including the costs of replacement.
- Early termination of the agreement - the daily rental rate
- Return other than the appointed place - the actual transport costs of the vehicle + 50,00 zł
- Reimbursement after the specified in the agreement without consulting with rental - double daily rental rate.
- Vehicle damage - the amount of damage to the amount of the deposit, unless the regulations is
- Putting the vehicle with a full tank of fuel - the cost of fuel complemented + 50,00 zł

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